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Sedgwick & Company was founded in 1986 with two employees; it has grown three fold over the last ten years. Its mission to deliver quality, timely, innovative accounting services to a diverse base of clientele remains unchanged.     

The employees of Sedgwick & Company have over twenty years of Big Six experience.  Providing services in the areas of tax and consulting, the firm is large enough to deliver all of the sophisticated services needed by growing businesses such as financing alternatives, compensation planning, representation in tax examinations and planning for the minimization of income taxes.  Finally, it has resources and experience to assist clients in mundane but critical (particularly if ignored) areas. Included in this latter category would be accounting compliance with a wide variety of regulatory bodies.       

Sedgwick & Company has clients with business activities throughout California and in numerous other states.  Sedgwick & Company is committed to quality, and as such maintains an extensive library, computer equipment and software and other resources.

Clients of the firm can count on dealing with the top people in the firm and will not be delegated to inexperienced junior individuals.

Our ultimate goal is to provide for greater individualized attention for our clients. We offer a broad range of services, a high level of personal attention and the ability to put today's decisions in the context of their impact on the next generation.

Staying on top of current developments in the tax law, our professionals are consistently able to determine, and develop, those strategies which will implement the most advantageous application of the tax laws to each individual situation.

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